Meet the Tech Committee

We're a team of 9 Executives who are here to help point Orientation Week in the right direction. We can't wait to meet you all!


Truman Be

Orientation Chair
(High Tech)

Discord: truman#3889


Anna Mucea

Logistics Chair

Discord: banannas#8841


Catie Austin

Logistics Chair

Discord: laustinconfused#2576


Barrett Arbour

Sponsorship Chair

Discord: barrett#1155


Daniel Dickson

Sponsorship Chair

Discord: Dadijo2002#3072


Jessica Li

Finance Chair

Discord: totoro#4659


Liv Elliott

Publications Chair

Discord: Liv#2220


Nicolas Wilhelm

Academics Chair

Discord: nicow#6149


Alysha Kim

Fundraising Chair

Discord: SilverDawn02#4472

What Even is Orientation Week?

Seriously, what is this madness?

Orientation is where YOU get to try awesome activities, meet your classmates, and learn to love your new home!

Our Orientation is ONLY for Computing students, because we designed it with you in mind. During our time together we will teach you new cheers, new dances, new games and have you wanting more by the end of it. We promise you that by the end of the Orientation, not only will you be exhausted from the fun – but you will also be more educated about Queen’s and your new faculty!

The 2022 Schedule

Coming Soon!

Cheer Loud, Cheer Proud

Pro Tip, memorizing the cheers will give you a head start for Orientation and make you awesome.

A Special Thanks To...

For Supporting Computing Orientation!

Distributive is an edge computing company built to tackle tomorrow’s greatest challenges.

We develop and deliver AI-driven solutions and high performance computing so industry leaders and researchers can confidently make decisions and accelerate innovation.

Our high performance computing framework, the Distributive Compute Protocol (DCP), is built on web technology and balances ease of use with the cutting edge. DCP allows hospitals, universities, governments and enterprises to run data processing, predictive analytics and smart applications—without the cloud. Within minutes, users can create secure computing networks using devices they already own. DCP networks are 10x more cost-effective than commercial cloud, and ensure that data stays on-premises.

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